The Brand MTR Caldaie originated thanks to the entrepreneurial activity of craftsmen aware of the importance of include passion, dedication and commitment into every created creation without dwelling on the present but always giving a look at the future and new technologies. We are talking about a company that was born in 1982 as a reality specializing in the production of gas / diesel boilers and reverse-flame wood boilers for civil use, when in Italy, as in the rest of the world, no talk was made of sustainability, renewable energies and environmental impact.

Since its inception, the company has been steadily growing and evolving: since 1993 it has been joined to the line of boilers for civil use, the production of industrial boilers from 80,000 Kcal / h up to 3,500,000 Kcal / h pressurized, three rounds of smoke. All these products up to 2006 have always been manufactured and manufactured on behalf of third parties, working for important companies in the industry known and appreciated both in Italy and internationally.

From this beginning, more than 35 years have passed and today as yesterday, the new generations have always contributed with the same dedication and initiative, to maintain the high quality and excellence of craftsmanship and Italian industry.
In 2007, the Brand MTR Caldaie was born, with which the company specializes in the construction of solid fuel boilers of any type, adapting its products to increasingly stringent European standards on fuel consumption, energy saving and harmful emissions,
thus obtaining the approval of all products CE and energy saving certifications.

In just a few years, the Brand MTR Caldaie has set itself on the Italian market with reverse-flame wood boilers and pellet boilers, thanks to excellent value for money, gaining more and more international markets.
In 2017 the turning point: MTR Caldaie joins the prestigious Italian multisectoral group FEAN GROUP.

The research, design and planning aimed at the realization of our products, and design studio designed for the realization of all products, as well as production, assembling and testing is carried out entirely in Italy, as a guarantee  for an increasingly more attentive and demanding customers, making us proud to present the products Made in Italy.