The generator model PRF3 pellet is the result of our research in the field of solid fuel boilers. The use of an economical and environmentally friendly fuel, combined with the automatic control of all functions by the electronic control unit of the boiler ensures maximum savings and comfort, while protecting the environment.

Maximum convenience and maximum comfort

Pellet boilers PRF3 are equipped with advanced technologies that improve the efficiency and savings.

  • Excellent combustion thanks to the temperatures pellet reverse flame technology of pellet gasification up to 1,000 ° C
  • 96% Efficiency at certified pellet fuel
  • low CO2 emissions
  • Steel body with combustion chamber
  • Combustion chamber deep and broad partially coated refractory to ensure :
  - Complete combustion of the air / pellet
- Cleaning of the walls are wet
- High energy efficiency

  •   Insulation of mineral wool coat tear of 80 mm thick
  •   Automatic power through resistance ceramic
  •   Modulazione in power on four levels
  •   Optimization of combustion through modulation of temperature modulation of the boiler flue gas temperature
  •   Suction fan located in the fume chamber for combustion optimization
  •   Control panel with display: on, off release , ACS management
  •   Signaling proper operation of the probes
  •   Protection momentary voltage
  •   Overtemperature protection of the boiler water
  •   Display of the alarms on the display Steel body with combustion chamber