Wood-fired water heaters

scaldabagno_a_legna1.jpg Wood-fired boiler, available in both for only wood SERIES PL, either in version combi wood-electric SERIES PLE.

The MTR Caldaie wood water heater PL SERIES (wood-only version) consist of a boiler thick galvanized steel with extruded magnesium anode corrosion. The outer shell is painted with polyester powder baked at 200 ° C., while the base is enamelled metal with two layers fired at 850 ° C. The hearth of refractory material is highly impact resistant and flame resistance, complete with removable ash collection. They are also equipped with a safety valve and check valve set at 8 bar.

In PLE SERIES wood water heater (wood-electric version), are also equipped with armored resistance, and 1200 watts Automatic temperature control thermostat.
MODEL Width Height  Depth Capacity Electricit Voltage Power
PLE 350 mm 1480 mm  380 mm 80 Lt 5.4 A 230 V~ 1200 W
PL 350 mm 1480 mm  380 mm 80 Lt / / /