Progetto Fuoco 2014 - Verona

Progetto Fuoco 2014: International exhibition of plants and materials for wood-fired heating
Verona - Italy- 19 - 23 February 2014

As usual, the ninth Progetto Fuoco will take place in Verona Exhibition Centre, where five of the halls are equipped for the display of working stoves, fireplaces and boilers.

It is an exhibition for professional members of the trade, designers, technicians and business owners. Large numbers of them are expected to come from all over Europe and various countries further afield. On Saturday and Sunday, they will be joined by consumers, who are showing more and more interest in the alternatives offered by wood as a form of renewable fuel and growing awareness of the advantages of using cutting-edge stoves and fireplaces. They are safe, aesthetically appealing, simple and a practical way of heating an entire house. They give great savings in costs and outstanding comfort without harming the environment.


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MTR CALDAIE: Pavillions 2  D18


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