MTR Caldaie & Nature

The continuous research and innovation MTR Caldaie led to the creation of more and more advanced boilers, including across the biomass board , from wood to pellets, to biofuel granular.
The creation of the combined by MTR Caldaie has been a real revolution in the field: not only wood (which ensures low running costs) but also pellet , corn and various nuts to free the user from the commitment to continuously load the boiler.

The issues of autonomy are solved thanks to automatism created with the power auger. The materials that make up the generators, the excellent dimensional ratio of the combustion chamber, the correct flow of combustion air and flue gas recovery system guarantees a perfect combustion .

A combustion properly managed ensures a high thermal efficiency - and therefore an effective heating - but at the same time allows to economize on fuel consumption and produce little carbon monoxide (CO) to the benefit of the environment.

Technology and Environment

The use of renewable energy sources has become a very important factor for the preservation of our planet and our health.

Biomass Heating

Choose a biomass system also means choosing a renewable energy resource and environmentally friendly.
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