Bianchi Certificates

The contribution is recognized for the installation of boilers engaged power of heating systems used in the field of horticultural greenhouses and nurseries, with the following requirements:
For power to the fireplace below 500 kW:
- Minimum thermal efficiency of 85%
- Compliance with the emission limits of Class 5 of the UNI EN 303-5:2012
For power to the fireplace in excess of 500 kW:
- Thermal efficiency of not less than 89%;
- Emissions do not exceed the requirements of the class 5 of UNI EN 303-5.
The biomass used can be in the form of pellets, briquettes, logs, wood chips and biomass granular, with manual or automatic loading.
Are valid device installations biomass in both new construction and in greenhouses replacement of existing devices powered by non-renewable source. The installation of a heat generator fueled by biomass to replace an existing one, always fueled by biomass, is not acceptable.
Each request for assistance may relate to the installation of a single biomass boiler at a greenhouse. If you install more systems will need to submit a different request for each boiler.
The contribution varies according to:
- Type of coverage of emissions, in particular are considered eligible shell plastic film, polycarbonate plastic or glass
- Surface area of ​​the greenhouse soil cultivated area (m2)
- Surface which marks out the heated volume of the greenhouse (m2
- Climate zone in which the intervention is implemented
To complete the application for assistance must be the digital version of the following documents:
1) Copy of identity document valid by the Contractor and the third party, as defined in the Regulations to offer. Both identity documents must be uploaded in a single digital file.
2) Fiscal documentation attesting to the implementation of the intervention (eg invoice) and tax documentation confirming the purchase of biomass used for class certification of quality laid down by standards and related regulations detailed in the offer. Both tax documents must be uploaded in a single digital file.
3) Documentation of technical intervention:

Booklet plant and Technical Report of project containing all the detailed information in the Rules of Offer;
Installer certification of compliance with the UNI, as detailed in the Rules of Offer;
Self-declaration drawn up by downloading the relevant characteristics greenhouse format from the Portal, containing identification of the greenhouses, description of the site and its productive potential;
Certificate of Conformity to the class of origin and quality for biomass used, as detailed in the Rules of Bid (in the case of biomass purchased, provided by the vendor of biomass and reported in tax records, in the case of self use its format can be downloaded from Portal) ;
Declaration of Conformity Emission Class 5 of the UNI 303-05:2012;
Company file with evidence of cadastral data of the greenhouse for intervention and possibly code SIAN

Please note that you can not apply for incentives under this offer in the case has already been made or there is anyway going to ask for the same intervention Income Heat and / or other incentives can not be combined with Bianchi Certificates.

Bianchi Certificates are sold to suppliers of electricity and natural gas through the ESCO (Energy Service Company, a company specializing in these procedures) that deals with the practice to be forwarded to the GSE.

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