IDRO Stoves

The IDRO stove is currently the ideal solution to combine the cost-effectiveness of pellets with the highest comfort of use.
- Our hydrostoves are characterized by an average yield of about 92%.
- The presence of turbulators that can be agitated by means of levers allow the fumes to be kept clean and to guarantee optimum performance of the stove.
- The software flexibility allows to adapt the stove to the needs of the system and / or user.
- In every situation the flame power and therefore the pellet consumption, is automatically regulated according to the real need of heating of the house.
IDRO thermostoves are used to integrate all the heating systems, such as the existing boiler or the solar thermal panels. With the insertion of a boiler in the plant, it is possible to obtain hot water for heating and for sanitary facilities without the use of traditional gas or oil fired boilers. With the presence of the electronic control unit, present on all our pellet products, it is possible to program with automatic switching on and off, this allows for a high level of comfort and savings in management. For us, safety, efficiency and reliability are a fixed point. This is why all our products are made according to the relevant regulations, with high quality materials and components, and with high thermal performance. All the stoves have components of the highest quality and all the metallic carpentry and mechanical work are made in ITALY. All pellet thermo-stoves have:
- weekly chronothermostat with 4 switching on and 4 switching off every day.
- double software and mechanical security.
- removable ash drawer.
- possibility of remote control (optional).
- stand-by function, especially useful in the middle seasons; allows to switch off the flame when the set temperature is reached.

MICRA IDRO: hydro pellet stove

Compact and modern design, with self-cleaning burner.

THORY IDRO: hydro pellet stove

Modern design, high autonomy, with self-cleaning burner
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