BEA IDRO: hydro pellet stove

Inside there is already a hydraulic system consisting of: pump, expansion tank, valve of maximum 3 bar. It is possible to install the stove with a closed vessel system. It is recommended if you want to use the stove for the production of domestic hot water to install a storage tank.
The combustion chamber is 5 mm thick. The pellet, is taken from the tank, by a screw, driven by a motor, which doses the right amount and makes it fall into the brazier, where the flame develops. The stove works by forced draft. Before being expelled, the fumes take a long path inside the stove, and thus exchange thermal energy with the water.
Thanks to the presence of the turbulators, which can be agitated by means of levers, the passage of the fumes is further slowed down, favoring the heat exchange and therefore the yield of the stove. The fumes are then expelled through the chimney.
The thermo-stove is regulated by an electronic system that automatically determines the amount of fuel according to the detected temperature of the water and the fumes.
Once the set water temperature has been reached, the stove goes into modulation, reducing power to a minimum or, if the stand-by function is activated, it switches off. The stand-by function, especially useful in the middle seasons, allows you to turn off the flame when the set temperature is reached and to switch it on again automatically when the house cools down.
It is possible to connect the stove directly to the room's thermostat. In this case the stove operation is linked to the temperature detected by the thermostat.


- Stand-by operation
- Weekly thermostat
- Removable ash drawer
-safety valve
-Application with air terminal units

- Possibility of application with high temperature radiators
-Applying to radiant panels
-Possibility of ACS production
IDRO ventilation kit
-Remote controller
-GPRS module for remote management


Power term. Introduced KW : 23.,1
Power term. Profit KW : 21,20
Power term. Useful H2O / KW  : 17
Power term. Air / KW : 4,2
Hourly consumption kg / h : 4,7

Thermal efficiency  : 91%
Autonomy * : h 6
Tank capacity :  30 Kg
Weight : 180 kg
Dimensions L, P, H mm :
668, 538, 1161
Fumi outlet Ø : 80 mm
Power supply V / Hz : 230/50
Max pressure : BAR 2

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