Technology and Environment

eco_friendly_mtr_caldaie.jpg Environmental protection is an increasingly topical issue, the abuse of pollutants and the use of no-renewable energy, now at very high prices and high CO2 emissions, has made the use of renewable energy sources a factor to be taken strongly considered for the preservation of our planet and our health.
An alternative within the home heating is the use of biomass, which allows now to be able to feed both individual stoves, with boilers that can support integers heating systems, but without any environmental impact.
Biomass is organic material of vegetable or animal origin , not fossilized (for so much coal, oil, can not be classified as such) and renewable natural sources, which can be used to generate energy.mtr_caldaie_e_basse_emissioni.jpg
The continuous research and innovation MTR Caldaie led to the creation of more and more advanced boilers, including the entire line of biomass generators, aimed at ensuring a high thermal output and at the same time allowing you to save fuel consumption and reduce the production of nitric carbon monoxide (CO) to the benefit of the environment.
In carrying out our production activities we are aware of our responsibilities towards the environment. The correct ecological behavior is part of our corporate philosophy. All our employees are personally committed to compliance with the directives on environmental protection for a better future.
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